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R 1200 GS ESA

This unmistakable face with its “duck-beak” did already enchant thousands of bikers. It goes without saying that a bike that inspired so many has to possess the corresponding quality.

The BMW R 1200 GS was first introduced in 2004 and is sold very successfully all over the world. The last update of the BMW R 1200 GS in 2008 surely was a small sensation when BMW as the worlds’ first manufacturer announced the ESA system for the R 1200 GS!

ESA is a great “invention” as you can modify the suspension damping in three steps while riding. In addition you can setup the spring preload easily and comfortably by simply pressing a button.

What wasn’t possible anymore was to retrofit aftermarket shock absorbers to match for example very light or heavy riders. Neither was it possible to install a Wilbers shock to achieve the popular seating height lowering! 

Now the world sensation is available! A Wilbers suspension, individually built to the riders‘ requirements and even fit for lowering the motorcycle for 35 mm or  65 mm without surrendering the ESA system – or better: the “Wilbers-WESA”.

We have a 65mm lowered demonstrator available for a testride, please call Herman for appointment on 386-690-4239

 Before ordering please check if your 1200 has Showa or WP shocks, after 2010 there are 2 different ESA versions available.

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AceBikes Tyre-Fix with rachet strap FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states !!!

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Price : $119.00

ACEBIKES "Tyrefix" Tie-down Set:

Special tie-down strap system for securing your motorbike on a trailer or transporter. Ensures secure fixing and perfect protection. Also prevents any part of the paintwork from being scratched. Includes a belt system for attaching to one wheel of your machine. Supplied in a handy storage bag with zip and carry handle.