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Wilbers Car Suspension

Manufacturing of the Car Line products   

If a suspension manufacturer successfully supplies the motorcycle market for more than 20 years then it is only a question of time until he will apply himself to also provide top-notch suspension systems for the automobile market.

The Wilbers unit assembly system for high quality motorcycle technology enables us to construct and manufacture spring- and damping-elements for all special vehicles that are not equipped with McPherson systems. 

Feel free to contact us with your request we look forward to help you, after order receipt we’ll deliver your custombuild shocks  within a 4 to 5 weeks time !

Most of our suspension parts come with a German TÜV parts certificate and always with 5 years warranty. Furthermore you can choose between the Wilbers Blue Line (with blue spring and red/blue adjustment knobs) and the Black Line (black spring and silver adjustment knobs).

HermanUSA.com for Wilbers shocks and shock service, US-Nationwide and International.

We have a fully equipped clean room for all service and warranty work and stock the neccesary spare parts, Herman has worked in production and service department for over 6 months at the Wilbers factory in Germany and also had the additional ESA training.  We're holding all the quality control certificates from Wilbers and TUVNord Germany !

 In general we return your Wilbers shock within 2 working days when service work needs to be done. 

 Please drop us an email if you want to send your shocks to us.